Ipad case

My daughter wanted me to make her a case for her new ipad so I thought I would make it into a sewing tutorial. It would make a great Christmas present as would the phone case that I made to match.

These are the materials I used

First of all using the ipad as a guide & giving a seam allowance of 10mm I cut out 2 pieces of main fabric, lining fabric and also 2 pieces of wadding

Then I neatened all the edges with my serger, if you don’t have a serger you can use a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine or use pinking shears when you cut out the fabric.

Next I attached the wadding to the reverse of my main fabric

Then I attached some ric rac to the edge’s of one of the main pieces on the right side of the fabric I did not attach it to the top edge as this will be open.

The next step is to join both main pieces, right sides together ensuring that the ric rac is at the edge leaving the top edge open

When this is done, turn it the right way around

Now you need to neaten the edges and sew up the seams on the lining fabric, leaving the top openLeave the lining inside out and place it inside the main body of the ipad case. Cut 4 pieces of ribbon the same size and pin them in between the lining and the main body, turn the raw edges of both lining and main body inwards to neaten

Once this is sewn in place you have finished!

I made a phone case to match using the same technique but on a smaller scale.

They look pretty kitsch & cute together!

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