Christmas Bunting

Hello, It’s Monday again, already! For this weeks #mondaymakes I have made some festive bunting. I have used fabric from the Moda Oh Deer! range available from Trixie Lixie

First of all I made a triangle template and cut out my flag shapes, I used 6 different colours, Spots and Little Deer

I used my new pair of Fiskars pinking shears to cut out the triangles so that they won’t fray. Up until now I have been using an ancient pair of pinking shears that belonged to my Grandmother. These new Fiskar ones are so sharp! My old ones, although they are lovely to look at are hopeless to cut with!

Next place right sides together and sew up the sides leaving the top open.

Do this to all the triangles and then turn them the right way around, trim the tip to get a nice point, I used a large knitting needle to push the point of the triangle out.

Iron all the triangles, then pin onto some bias binding to hang them from, I used some gorgeous red spotty bias binding from Trixie Lixie

Fold the bias binding in half to give a neat edge, I used a piece of bunting to measure the space between each flag and I made 12 flags, alternating colours and designs.

I am going to use this bunting to decorate my stall at a charity clothes swap event that I am doing in Cardiff next weekend. Check out my Facebook page to find out more about this event. trixielixiesays


Kaffe Fassett Roman Glass fabric

We have got Kaffe Fassett’s classic Roman Glass fabric in stock at Trixie Lixie 

It is available in 3 gorgeous Autumn colours for £3.00 a 1/4 meter

Vintage style clasp purse

I have just got these fantastic vintage style clasp purse frames in stock at Trixie Lixie so I was desperate to make one today for my Monday makes. They start at £3.50.

First of all I made a pattern using the width of the purse frame as a guide.

So I cut out 2 pieces of main fabric, lining and heavy Iron on fusible interfacing for the main body and 1 piece each of the base

I used some of the new laminated fabric from Trixie Lixie and some of our red lining fabric. Firstly I attached the fusible interfacing to the back of the main fabric with a hot iron (I used a piece of paper over the fabric as it is not advisable to iron laminated fabric on the right side). Then I attached the base right sides together,

Sew the other main piece to the base

The next step is to make the lining, attach the base to the main pieces but leave a 3cm opening in the bottom of one of the front pieces for turning the purse right side out later,

Turn the lining the right way round and insert into the purse so that both right sides are facing each other

Pin and sew around the top of the purse, then pull the lining through and turn it the right way round through the opening. Sew up the opening in the lining. Now we are ready to attach the sew in clasp. Use strong thread, I used embroidery thread, and back stitch through the holes in the purse frame.

I enjoyed making this so much I made another one using a keyring purse frame. This one is made with another of our new fabrics in the FreeSpirit range.

Heart hand warmers

Today’s Monday make is nice and easy, and it will make a great Christmas present. A pair of hand warmers! I am giving the instructions to make heart shape hand warmers however you can make them any shape that you like. I also made a pair of square ones as my daughter gets very cold hands in the winter and likes to have plenty of hand warmers available.

First of all you need to cut out 2 fronts and 2 backs, I have used the left over Moda Oh Deer fabric from the tote bag that I made a couple of weeks ago. The hearts I drew are about the size of my hand

I have used a different colour for the back, but you could do them all the same colour, I have used a pair of pinking shears to cut out so that I don’t need to worry about neatening the edges

Next you need to pin a front to a back, right sides together

Sew around the heart leaving a small opening at the bottom to turn it the right way round and to fill it,

Turn the heart the right way around and fill it with rice, I have added a small sprinkle of dried lavender from my garden to make it smell nice (I used about 100g of rice and a teaspoon of lavender in each) Please note, If you put lavender in you may want to do a lining for the hand warmers.

When its full, turn in the opening and sew together (I did this bit by hand)

To heat them up put them in the microwave for about 1 minute. I also made a couple of square ones that I trimmed with red ric rac.

Exciting NEW British designed sewing patterns!

I am really excited about these brand new sewing patterns that are due in at the end of the month at Trixie Lixie. They are the first collection from By Hand London check out their blog for more information on the design team. Here are the 2 patterns!

Presenting the Charlotte Skirt:

And the Elisalex Dress

I want to make one of EVERY version!


Monday makes! Cushions

Today I have made a couple of envelope style cushions using some of the Moda Coquette fabric available at Trixie Lixie

For the Pom pom cushion I used 3 fat quarters of fabric and 2 metres of pom pom

First of all I cut the fabric into three 50cm squares (to fit 45cm square cushion pads) and I neatened all the edges, I used my overlocker (serger) but you could use zig zag stitch or a pair of pinking shears.

Next I attached the pom pom to all the edges of the main piece of fabric

This next bit is a bit tricky, you need to layer the pieces together and fold some edges to form the envelope opening, on both the back pieces fold over about 10cm then place them on top of each other right side facing up with overlapping edges it should be the same size as the top piece

Finally add the top piece to the sandwich making sure the pom pom pieces are facing in towards the middle of the cushion pin together and carefully sew all 4 edges

Once you have done this its just a matter of turning it the right way round and putting the cushion pad in.

If this cushion is a bit too tricky to start with you can make an easier version with half a metre of fabric, I neatened all the edges again and then folded the fabric, 6cm at each end and then right sides together to make a square

Sew down each side and there you go, turn it the right way round and put the cushion pad in!


Making Monday! Tote bag.

I like to make almost all of my Christmas presents and as I have a lot of people to make for I have to start early. This year I thought I would share my sewing projects with all my followers. I hope you enjoy my weekly blog and feel inspired to make some handmade gifts of your own.

My first present is a tote bag, excellent for carrying lots of books to school!

The fabric I have used is from the Moda Oh Deer! range available from Trixie Lixie

I used 1/2 a meter for the main fabric and another 1/2 a meter for the lining.

First I cut 2 rectangles 50cm x 40cm from the main colour and the same from the lining fabric

Tote bag tutorial

My next step was to sew all the edges except the top one on both the main fabric and the lining.

tote bag tutorial

Next I made the handles, I wanted quite long straps so I joined 2 strips together, also I used what was left of the lining fabric to add a bit of contrast (you could use the strip of left over main fabric instead)

tote bag tutorial straps

The next step is to sew up the edge of the handles

Tote bag tutorial straps

Now to turn the handles the right way round, I do this with a safety pin which I attach to one end and pull through

The next step is to insert the lining, turn the main body the right way round, leave the lining the wrong way round and put it inside the main body, I decided to neaten the edge by turning the lining at the top edge to face out, this would look great with the handles, pin and sew in place.

Last but not least I attached the handles,

I used a box technique to sew the handle into place, I don’t want it to break and all my daughters school books to fall out.

Here is the finished bag

tote bag tutorial

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