Monday makes! Cushions

Today I have made a couple of envelope style cushions using some of the Moda Coquette fabric available at Trixie Lixie

For the Pom pom cushion I used 3 fat quarters of fabric and 2 metres of pom pom

First of all I cut the fabric into three 50cm squares (to fit 45cm square cushion pads) and I neatened all the edges, I used my overlocker (serger) but you could use zig zag stitch or a pair of pinking shears.

Next I attached the pom pom to all the edges of the main piece of fabric

This next bit is a bit tricky, you need to layer the pieces together and fold some edges to form the envelope opening, on both the back pieces fold over about 10cm then place them on top of each other right side facing up with overlapping edges it should be the same size as the top piece

Finally add the top piece to the sandwich making sure the pom pom pieces are facing in towards the middle of the cushion pin together and carefully sew all 4 edges

Once you have done this its just a matter of turning it the right way round and putting the cushion pad in.

If this cushion is a bit too tricky to start with you can make an easier version with half a metre of fabric, I neatened all the edges again and then folded the fabric, 6cm at each end and then right sides together to make a square

Sew down each side and there you go, turn it the right way round and put the cushion pad in!


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