Heart hand warmers

Today’s Monday make is nice and easy, and it will make a great Christmas present. A pair of hand warmers! I am giving the instructions to make heart shape hand warmers however you can make them any shape that you like. I also made a pair of square ones as my daughter gets very cold hands in the winter and likes to have plenty of hand warmers available.

First of all you need to cut out 2 fronts and 2 backs, I have used the left over Moda Oh Deer fabric from the tote bag that I made a couple of weeks ago. The hearts I drew are about the size of my hand

I have used a different colour for the back, but you could do them all the same colour, I have used a pair of pinking shears to cut out so that I don’t need to worry about neatening the edges

Next you need to pin a front to a back, right sides together

Sew around the heart leaving a small opening at the bottom to turn it the right way round and to fill it,

Turn the heart the right way around and fill it with rice, I have added a small sprinkle of dried lavender from my garden to make it smell nice (I used about 100g of rice and a teaspoon of lavender in each) Please note, If you put lavender in you may want to do a lining for the hand warmers.

When its full, turn in the opening and sew together (I did this bit by hand)

To heat them up put them in the microwave for about 1 minute. I also made a couple of square ones that I trimmed with red ric rac.

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