Mini Apron Monday makes.

Hello, this week I have made a mini apron, another quick and easy sewing project that will make a fab Xmas present for somebody (one of my sisters perhaps)

For this project I used 1/2 a metre of Kaffe Fassett Roman Glass fabric in Leafy and 165cm of Green polka dot bias binding all available from Trixie Lixie

For the main piece I cut out a rectangle 60cm x 30cm, the pocket piece is a rectangle 60cm x 20 cm and the ties are 3 strips 60cm x 10cm. I used my fantastic new Fiskar pinking shears to cut out the fabric so that I wouldn’t need to neaten any of the edges. I also curved the bottom 2 corners of the main piece and pocket piece.

The first thing to do is to attach some of the bias binding to the top of the pocket piece.

Next I marked the pocket divisions on the pocket by ruling a line 15cm in from each edge then attach the pocket to the main piece along these lines. The next step is to attach the rest of the bias binding to the sides and bottom of the pinny.

Once you’ve done this we can start on the straps, join the short ends of the 3 ties to make one long strip, iron the seams open. Fold it in half lengthways and unfold. Now fold both long edges to the centre crease and press in place. Open out the centre fold and pin the strap to the apron.

Turn the upper half of the strip over the top edge of the apron and pin in place. Top stitch all the way along the bottom edge, round the edges and then along the top of the strap.

That it! Wrap it up and give to someone for Christmas!

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