Christmas decorations

to blog 199We put our Christmas tree up yesterday so I thought I would make some new decorations to go on it. I have taken inspiration from one of my favourite bloggers Pillows a-la mode who has made a huge collection of mini pillow Xmas decorations. Also I just had a delivery of a new fabric range from Moda called simply colour and these 4 new fabrics look nice and Christmassy.

These are so simple, I just cut 2 10cm squares from each of my fabrics, I then attached some pom-pom trim to the right sides of one of the squares.

to blog 203

Next I attached the other square, right sides together being careful to make sure that all the pom-pom trim is facing inwards, only sew up 3 of the sides as you will need 1 open to turn it the right way and stuff it.

to blog 205Once it is stuffed I pinned some Christmas Ribbon to the top and stitched the top closed

to blog 206And here they are on my tree!

to blog 208

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