Moda Candy small basket

Today I thought I would have a go at one of the projects in the Moda Candy book that we are giving away FREE with every order over £30 at Trixie Lixie while stocks last (so grab one now!) used the Odds & Ends candy pack for my version of the small basket need 16 squares, which you sew together into 4 strips of 4, press the seams & then join the 4 strips to make a Square. Attach a piece of fusible fabric to the back. the squares and the lining fabric right sides together and sew around the edge leaving an opening so that it can be turned used Lime Green Leafy stripe from the moda range for my lining, which I made the base of my basket. Turn right way around then stitch the corner squares on the seam lines the corners and top stitch all around the top edge to hold them in place.

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