Mothers Day gift idea’s

I have got these wonderful Sarah Young fabric kits on my website they are silkscreen printed tea towels that you can cut up and make into a toy or a cushion or a doorstop, or just use it as a tea towel.

Sarah Young kitsI think that these would make a great Mothers day gift, either in the kit form if your Mum is a keen sewer (or washer upper!) or you could make one up for her. I decided to make up Felix the fox into a cushion for my Mum.

The instructions are quite clearly printed on the tea towel, so I cut the pieces out

I followed the sewing instructions and then I just stuffed it with soft toy stuffing.

I chose Felix the Fox, but there are 3 others to choose from Oswald the Owl, Marmaduke the Cat, and beautiful Bertha. Here is Felix nestled in amongst some of my other cushions



I have been nominated for not just one award but four! Thank you very much to Tulle and Tweed for nominating me for

veryinspiring-blogger-award-1 premio one-lovely-blog-award1 versatileblogger111As with any blog award, there comes a set of rules
Display award image on your blog page.
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State 7 facts about yourself.
Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.
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Here are 7 facts about me!

  • I launched my funky fabric and haberdashery website Trixie Lixie in September 2012
  • I live in Cardiff, Wales with my lovely family
  • I was taught to sew in school about 35 years ago, it was one of my favourite lessons!
  • I have a ceramics degree
  • I have a beautiful teenage daughter and a gorgeous 21 year old son
  • I play in a ukulele band, both ukulele and stand up bass
  • I have just produced my first ever sewing pattern which is for making knickers, the Trixie Lixie knicker kit, I hope it will be the first of many.

Here are the 15 Bloggers that I would like to nominate for the awards:

All these are lovely blogs that I read on a regular basis and strongly recommend a visit.

Thanks again to Tulle and Tweed for nominating me!




Mothers Day makes – Corsage brooch

Here is a nice easy make for Mothers day that you can do with small bits of fabric from your stash. make this lovely corsage all you need to do is cut out 5 or 6 circles of fabric, in various sizes, using a variety of thicknesses and textures, I used a bit of netting to add variety. I also used pinking shears for some to give added interest around the edge. 4 lines across the circles forming 8 segments

Cut between each line of stitching to just short of the centre.

On the back, pinch each segment together and hand stitch in place to give the flower a 3-dimensional shape

Attach a brooch pin to the back.

Wrap it up nicely and give it to your Mum for Mothers day!

Charlotte Skirt – Finished!

I have finally finished my Charlotte skirt that I was doing with the By Hand sewalong I just needed to do the hem! Here it is in its full glory complete with removable peplum it is without the peplum here is the back, I made a button hole and used a vintage style button. The herringbone fabric and buttons are available at Trixie Lixie lovely blouse was made by my teenage daughter and is the Colette Violet blouse, the lovely Ivory Georgette fabric and pattern for this are also available at Trixie Lixie.

I am now looking forward to joining in with the Elisalex dress sewalong, for more info follow the link


Knicker kit winner

Recently I posted about the new knicker making kits available at Trixie Lixie

Trixie Lixie Knicker kitMake your own knickers like these

Trixie Lixie knickersThe kit includes a reusable pattern, instructions, fabric, knicker elastic, gusset fabric and a label, everything you need to make a pair of sexy, yet comfy knickers! I also posted a tutorial on my blog a few months ago about how to make them here

The winner of the knicker kit that I promised to give away for Valentines day is Vera Palmer,

If you would like to email me at with your address and choice of kit I will send it out to you.

trixie lixie

Valentines makes

We have got some lovely Valentines fabric and ribbons in stock at Trixie Lixie so I decided to make a couple of Valentines gifts, I made these shortie pajama’s for my gorgeous daughterlovepyjamassmlBoth of my niece’s have been nagging me to make them phone cases so I made a ‘love’ one for the eldest, here is how I made it:

Heart phone caseI used the phone as a guide to cut out 2 pieces of main fabric, 2 pieces of wadding and 2 pieces of red lining.

heart phone caseThen I attached the red pompom to both sides and the bottom edge of one of the pieces of heart fabric

love phone caseNext I attached the wadding to the wrong side of both heart pieces and with right sides together seamed all the way around, leaving the top open

heart phone caseThen I made the lining for it, sewing the side and bottom seams

heart phone caseI slid the lining inside the main body and turned in the top and inserted some ribbon for the tie fastening, I then hand stitched this all in place.

heart phone case

heart phone caseI used some of the new Love ribbon for the tie fastener all available from Trixie Lixie

Heart phone case


Trixie Lixie Knicker kits!

The Trixie Lixie knicker kits have arrived and we are so excited! Take a look on the website here Knickers!

Trixie Lixie Knicker kit

The kit contains everything you need to make a pair of knickers, a fat quarter of fabric, knicker elastic, a 3 size reusable pattern and clear instructions. It is available in 8 different fabrics or you can buy the pattern on its own and choose your own!

Trixie Lixie knickers

Trixie Lixie Knicker kit

Kaffe Fassett Roman Glass Gold

Trixie Lixie Knicker kit

Kaffe Fasset Roman Glass leafy

Trixie Lixie Knicker kit

Kaffe Fasset Roman Glass Magenta

Trixie Lixie Knicker kit

The Birds & the Bees, Pool

Trixie Lixie Knicker kit

The Birds & the Bees, Honey

Trixie Lixie Knicker kit

Gradi Flora, tomato

Trixie Lixie Knicker kit

Gradi Flora, green

Trixie Lixie Knicker kit

Gradi Flora, rose 

As we are so excited about these new kits I am going to do a give-away, for a chance to win a kit just let me know which one is your favourite by leaving a comment. I will announce a winner on Valentines day.