Woman and Home

A friend of mine found this magazine in her attic and gave it to me when I started TrixieLixie

Woman and Home magazineThe date of the publication is November 1926! The ‘new kut-eezi printed pattern’ that is FREE inside is still in it, untouched, a fabulous 1920’s dress.

Woman and home magazine 005

It is full of adverts for cold creams and face powders, germaline, soap and oxo cubes! There are recipes and craft ideas, how to make a raffia biscuit tin,and a leather handbag!

Woman and home magazine 003

I really love the ‘Decoratively Arranged’ page which gives you ideas about how to display your fruit in your fruit bowl and how to display the things on your mantlepiece.

Woman and home magazine 006

There are several pages of fashion idea’s on ‘Gay London’s Dress pages’ ‘Whatever fashion dictates Gay London is ready to explain’.

Woman and home magazine 001

There is also a free knitting pattern for a vest and long knickers!

Woman and home magazine

There is a fab beauty page ‘Beauty aids and notions’ ‘ Miss Beauty looks about her and tells you what London Girls are doing, wearing and discussing’

Woman and home magazine 007

The cookery page is excellent, now I know why my Swiss Roll won’t roll!

Woman and home magazine 002It is a fantastic gift, I am thrilled to be the present owner of such auseful and informative magazine, I might even attempt to make the dress.

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Machine embroidery fun!

A few posts back I showed you the card that I made for my Mum for Mothers day, I have been playing around with machine embroidered cards for a year or two, they are fun to make and never fail to impress people so I thought I’d attempt to show you how it is done.

Mothers day CardMachine embroidered cards 007First of all choose some fabric and cut it out, I like doing stars and hearts and I like to put a plain piece of fabric against a patterend background. So I cut out my shapes

Machine embroidered cards 002I have a machine embroidery foot for my sewing machine which is great because it allows you to move the fabric smoothly around and it is not gripped in place. Before I had the special foot I used to just take the foot off my machine and work without one. (if you do this remember to still put the foot down so that the machine works properly)

Machine embroidered cards 003I like to use a bright contrasting thread, you can use different coloured main thread  and bobbin thread for a bit of interesting contrast.

Machine embroidered cards 004You just move the fabric backwards and forwards as you sew, some times it can be a bit wobbly but I think that adds to the design, also you can go over the stitches several times to make them really stand out. I use an air erasable marker pen to write the name before I embroider it on

Machine embroidered cards 005Once I have done all the work on the fabric piece I sew it straight onto the card blank, you could glue it on, but I am usually about to post my card so haven’t got time to wait for glue to dry!

Machine embroidered cards 006This one I made for my gorgeous nephew’s first birthday

Machine embroidered cards 015And this one I made for his lovely Mummy, whose birthday it is today!

Machine embroidered cards 016I hope this inspires you to have a go, Its such fun!

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My Easter makes!

Instead of doing a lot of sewing this Easter weekend I did a lot of cooking! We had a big family gathering at our house on Easter Sunday so my daughter and I did some baking.

I made a Simnel cake

Simnel cakeAmy made a delicious Kit-Kat cake

Kit kat cakeAnd she also made a lemon curd pavlova, with home made lemon curd, yum yum!

lemon curd pavlovaI hope everyone else had as lovely as Easter as I did.

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