Garden time

It was my day off yesterday and the sun was shining so I thought I would make some new seats for my old garden chairs as the old ones were all ripped. I used some pretty oil cloth fabric called Field Study from our Freespirit range.

The colour looks great on the old blue chair frames! Unfortunately in typical British Summer style no soon as I had finished them it started to rain and didn’t stop all afternoon!!

4 thoughts on “Garden time

  1. Hello, I’ve just found your website and blog, I love your refreshed garden chairs! Ive just acquired 4 and want to recover them but not sure the best way. You don’t fancy doing a quick tutorial do you ( I know cheeky request!!)


    • Thank you! Basically I took the old covers off and made a pattern from them, I would do a tutorial but I am going on holiday tomorrow for 3 weeks so it will have to be when I get back.


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