Tea Cosy Tutorial

We have just added some lovely ribbons to the website, I love using ribbons and trimmings so I decided to use them to decorate a Tea Cosy, this will make an excellent Christmas present for one of my friends.

Ribbons & TrimmingsTea cosy tutorialI used the pack of Party Ribbons, they are very retro looking and will give the Tea Cosy a vintage look. I made a pattern on a piece of paper, a half circle to fit my 4 cup tea-pot, I chose a blue spotty fabric for the main piece and a pink spotty fabric for the lining, the wadding is quite thick (6 oz) I used a skinny quarter of each of the fabrics and the wadding.

Tea cosy You need 2 pieces of each, main fabric, lining and wadding, all the same size, except for the lining which I cut out slightly longer.

Tea cosy First of all, go mad with the trimmings and decorate the front and back of the main peices.

Then attach the wadding, a piece to both the front and back, I used safety pins to hold this together and thenzig-zag stitch it in place.Tea cosy

Then I pinned the front and back right sides together, I put a loop of ribbon at the top so that I can hang my tea cosy up when I am not using it.Tea cosy Sew this together, it’s good to use a walking foot if you have one as this is quite thick, it’s not a disaster if you haven’t got one (I haven’t!) just take it slowly. Trim the seam after you’ve done it to remove any bulky wadding. Turn it round the right way.

Tea cosy Pin the lining pieces right sides together, machine stitch around the curved edge leaving the straight edge open.

Tea cosy Slip the lining inside the main piece, it should be longer so that you can fold the edge up twice to neaten the bottom, machine sew in place, this adds another decorative stripe to the bottom of the tea cosy.

Tea cosyThats it, pop it on your tea pot and admire your handiwork, I’m not sure I want to give mine away now, it looks great on my tea pot!

Tea cosy Tea cosy Happy Sewing!

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Crafty Christmas Roses Scarf

Well here we go, Christmas is less than 100 days away and if, like me, you have a lot of people to make presents for you may want to make a start now.

We had these beautiful Voile fabrics in from our lovely suppliers at Rowan and I have decided to make some lovely scarves for my sisters for Christmas. These 3 fabrics are Wish Voile by Valori Wells for Free Spirit Fabrics.







Haven’t they got great names!

I have chosen to use Studio Sketchbook Roses in Butter from Amy Butler’s Alchemy Studio Collection for the first scarf, it is a very easy make!

Studio Sketchbook Roses in Butter from Amy Butler's Alchemy Studio CollectionI used half a metre of fabric and just under a metre of pink pom pom

Simply fold the fabric in half, right sides together and sew up the full wiidth of the fabric to make a tube, neaten the edge with pinking shears or a zig-zag stitch.

http://www.trixielixie.co.uk/voile-119-c.aspTurn the right way round and iron, turning the unfinished ends in by about 1.5cm pinning the pom pom between both edges;

http://www.trixielixie.co.uk/voile-119-c.aspI then used an ordinary zipper foot to sew this seam, its quite tricky because the pom pom rolls about the place as you sew!

http://www.trixielixie.co.uk/voile-119-c.aspIts as simple as that, one down, 3 more to go!

Here is the finished article;

http://www.trixielixie.co.uk/voile-119-c.aspAnd here is my cat Spike helping me make it!

http://www.trixielixie.co.uk/voile-119-c.asphttp://www.trixielixie.co.uk/voile-119-c.aspKeep reading my blog posts over the next few weeks for more Crafty Christmas gift idea’s for you to make for friends & family.

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I really like this combination

I really like this combination of grey and gold in the Simply Style fabric range.1699-300x227

I’ll have to think of something to make……….

Simply Style, gorgeous new fabric from Moda

We have just taken delivery of this lovely new range of fabric from Moda, its perfect for quilting and dress making, in fact watch this space I think another shift dress is in the pipeline.

bold-blossom-grey-simply-style-fabric-[4]-1342-pbold-blossom-pink-simply-style-fabric-[2]-1343-p bold-blossom-light-green-simply-style-fabric-[2]-1344-p bold-blossom-grey-simply-style-fabric-[3]-1342-p bold-blossom-dark-blue-simply-style-fabric-[3]-1345-p bold-blossom-dark-blue-simply-style-fabric-[2]-1345-pzig-zag-ombre-dark-blue-simply-style-fabric-[3]-1369-p zig-zag-ombre-dark-blue-simply-style-fabric-[4]-1369-pbold-blossom-dark-blue-simply-style-fabric-[5]-1345-pModa are a great fabric company to deal with, they have fabulous ranges and also you can get free patterns from their terrific blog at the Moda Bakeshop.