Comox trunks/pyjama’s

Here are a couple of my “Man Makes” from 2014 for Mr TL. My first attempt at the Thread Theory Comox trunks was a bit confusing, I used the sew along that is on their blog and yet I still made a couple of mistakes. My second pair were so much easier! I think it was because I used a patterned Jersey fabric that had a clear right side and wrong side so it all fell into place without a hitch!


So after successfully completing the second pair ( jungle January flavour zebra print!) I decided to do some pyjama bottoms for Mr TL using the Comox as inspiration. They turned out quite well and Mr TL says they are extremely comfortable, however he was not prepared to be photographed in any of his new garments!!

As he wouldn’t oblige I shall have to use the photo of the Thread Theory boys in their Comox trunks instead!


I have promised to do a few more “Man Makes” this year, the next request being a Colette Negroni shirt in the new Ninja dragons fabric that we have in stock, I will keep you posted! Are you making anything for your significant other this year? Please let me know if you have any plans.


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