Me made may 2016 week 2

My whirl wind, world wide, me made wardrobe adventure continues, if you didn’t manage to guess where I was here is where you will find all the answers.

Day 9

With Billy the Bison in Yellowstone National Park! Wearing a Thread Theory Camas Blouse and my Closet Case Ginger Jeans.

Day 10

Not Dartmoor, Easter Island! Wearing one of my many By Hand London Anna Dresses.

Day 11

I thought this was a tricky one but @deravelled got it right, Ta Prohm in Cambodia. Wearing a Colette Seamworks Astoria jersey top and my Grainline Studio Moss skirt.

Day 12

This was an easy one, it’s The Great Wall of China of course, wearing a Colette Moneta dress!

Day 13

My outfit matches my location beautifully, did you guess where I was? This is Petra in Jordan and I am wearing an Anna dress made from Hemmingway fabric.

Day 14

Here I am with my flamingo friends at the Atacama salt flats in Bolivia! Wearing my Grainline Moss skirt again ( this is becoming a firm favourite in my wardrobe I might have to make another) with my Sewaholic Belcarra blouse, made with Regents Lawn.

Day 15

This is one of my favourite cities and I have actually visited on a couple of occasions, it is Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. I am wearing my Moss skirt again, this time with another Sewaholic Renfrew T-shirt in plain red jersey

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