My Easter makes!

Instead of doing a lot of sewing this Easter weekend I did a lot of cooking! We had a big family gathering at our house on Easter Sunday so my daughter and I did some baking.

I made a Simnel cake

Simnel cakeAmy made a delicious Kit-Kat cake

Kit kat cakeAnd she also made a lemon curd pavlova, with home made lemon curd, yum yum!

lemon curd pavlovaI hope everyone else had as lovely as Easter as I did.

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Easter bunting

Here’s a quick Easter make, inspired by a recent post by pillowsalamode about making bunting, I decided to use some of the Easter Ribbon available at TrixieLixie and 2 fat quarters of fabric from the Moda Coquette range to make some Easter bunting.

dressmaking fabric, coquette, ModaI have done a bunting tutorial before, it was one of my Christmas Monday makes so I used the same template to cut out my flag shapes

sewing patterns I cut out enough triangles to make 12 flags for my bunting (12 of each)

sewing patterns

With right sides together sew up both sides of each flag then trim any excess and turn the right way aound, I used a knitting needle to push the point of the flag out.

sewing fabricI then turned the top of the flag in by 0.5cm to neaten the tops and attached them to the back of the Easter ribbon.

sewing fabric, ribbonBunting is such a quick and easy project and it makes a great gift.

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sewingpattern, dressmaking fabric

My Wonderful Mum’s actual Mothers day present!

Well here in the UK it is Mothers day today, thank you to my gorgeous daughter for breakfast in bed and a lovely new silky night dress! Now I can reveal what I actually made for my Wonderful Mum for her Mothers day present! A fabric photograph album which has pictures of all her lovely grand-children. I got the idea from the Moda Bake Shop a fantastic quilting web site, full of great tutorials and idea’s.

photo albumTo make this lovely gift I used a Mama said sew charm pack from Trixie Lixie and a pack of Ink jet Iron on fabric transfers, when you print your images onto the transfers remember to flip them so that they are facing the right way when you iron them onto the fabric, I forgot to do this so all my images are the exact mirror opposite to the actual photographs! which is ok, but not good if your photographs feature text!

photosI ironed my images onto white cotton fabric then I sandwiched a piece of wadding between the photo and the charm square to puff it albumI stitched the photo’s on and then joined 2 charm squares together, back to back (wrong sides together) to make a page for my album, I was intending to do about 8 pages but I used quite thick wadding so 3 pages was my maximum, as I had loads of photos I made 4 albums, one for my Mum and one each for all my lovely sisters.

photo album

I used red thread to contrast with my fabrics.

photo album

to blog 210When I had made all the pages I added eyelets to the top of each and then used some pretty string to tie the pages together.

Photo album


The wadding made the pages quite stiff so it actually stands up by itself so you can use it as a frame, changing the image in the front when ever you fancy.

I also machine embroidered a card for my Mum

CardI will post a tutorial on machine embroidered cards later this week, it’s very easy and never fails to impress people.



Quick Bookmark for Mothers day

Here is a quick make for Mothers Day, I got the idea from another blog but now I can’t remember which one so if it is you please comment and I will add a link!

bookmarkThe fabric is Kaffe Fassett but you can use any piece of left over material. I cut 3 pieces of fabric one of the main colour, a piece for the back and then a piece of wadding to go in the middle.


I then sandwiched them all together and did a bit of free style quilting to hold them in place.

bookmarkSo simple! It will go nicely with a good book and make an excellent Mother’s day gift.


Mothers Day gift idea’s

I have got these wonderful Sarah Young fabric kits on my website they are silkscreen printed tea towels that you can cut up and make into a toy or a cushion or a doorstop, or just use it as a tea towel.

Sarah Young kitsI think that these would make a great Mothers day gift, either in the kit form if your Mum is a keen sewer (or washer upper!) or you could make one up for her. I decided to make up Felix the fox into a cushion for my Mum.

The instructions are quite clearly printed on the tea towel, so I cut the pieces out

I followed the sewing instructions and then I just stuffed it with soft toy stuffing.

I chose Felix the Fox, but there are 3 others to choose from Oswald the Owl, Marmaduke the Cat, and beautiful Bertha. Here is Felix nestled in amongst some of my other cushions


Mothers Day makes – Corsage brooch

Here is a nice easy make for Mothers day that you can do with small bits of fabric from your stash. make this lovely corsage all you need to do is cut out 5 or 6 circles of fabric, in various sizes, using a variety of thicknesses and textures, I used a bit of netting to add variety. I also used pinking shears for some to give added interest around the edge. 4 lines across the circles forming 8 segments

Cut between each line of stitching to just short of the centre.

On the back, pinch each segment together and hand stitch in place to give the flower a 3-dimensional shape

Attach a brooch pin to the back.

Wrap it up nicely and give it to your Mum for Mothers day!

Valentines makes

We have got some lovely Valentines fabric and ribbons in stock at Trixie Lixie so I decided to make a couple of Valentines gifts, I made these shortie pajama’s for my gorgeous daughterlovepyjamassmlBoth of my niece’s have been nagging me to make them phone cases so I made a ‘love’ one for the eldest, here is how I made it:

Heart phone caseI used the phone as a guide to cut out 2 pieces of main fabric, 2 pieces of wadding and 2 pieces of red lining.

heart phone caseThen I attached the red pompom to both sides and the bottom edge of one of the pieces of heart fabric

love phone caseNext I attached the wadding to the wrong side of both heart pieces and with right sides together seamed all the way around, leaving the top open

heart phone caseThen I made the lining for it, sewing the side and bottom seams

heart phone caseI slid the lining inside the main body and turned in the top and inserted some ribbon for the tie fastening, I then hand stitched this all in place.

heart phone case

heart phone caseI used some of the new Love ribbon for the tie fastener all available from Trixie Lixie

Heart phone case


Valentines Button Heart

I like to make my own Valentines gifts and this is one that I have seen in a few shops and thought, I can make that! It is in fact pretty easy, give it a go!

Trixie lixies blog

I used a bag of Candy Mix buttons from Trixie Lixie and some jewellery wire to make this heart, it is quite a big one, you could make a smaller one and attach it to a card blank to make a unique Valentines card.

Button heartI made a heart shape with the thick wire and then I used the thin wire to ‘sew’ the buttons onto the heart.

Button heartJust make sure that you keep twisting the thin wire around the heart shape wire to securely attach the buttons.

Button HeartThis one is for my daughter, Happy Valentines day Blossie xxx

Moda Candy small basket

Today I thought I would have a go at one of the projects in the Moda Candy book that we are giving away FREE with every order over £30 at Trixie Lixie while stocks last (so grab one now!) used the Odds & Ends candy pack for my version of the small basket need 16 squares, which you sew together into 4 strips of 4, press the seams & then join the 4 strips to make a Square. Attach a piece of fusible fabric to the back. the squares and the lining fabric right sides together and sew around the edge leaving an opening so that it can be turned used Lime Green Leafy stripe from the moda range for my lining, which I made the base of my basket. Turn right way around then stitch the corner squares on the seam lines the corners and top stitch all around the top edge to hold them in place.

Monday makes – Lap Quilt

Here is my first Monday make for 2013, although I actually made it before Christmas and gave it to my Mum! Anyway I haven’t had chance to blog about it until now so here it is, a very simple lap quilt made using a “Sew Mama Sew” charm pack from Moda, available from Trixie Lixie

to blog 259First of all I stitched together 5 squares to form a strip, there are 40 squares in a pack so I made 8 strips, they are pre-prepared at the edges so you don’t have to worry about finishing the sides just press the seams flat.

to blog 249Next I joined the strips together to make one large piece, matching the squares up, and then ironing the seams flat again.

sew mama sew quilt next step is to make a sandwich using a piece of wadding cut to size and a piece of fabric for the back of the quilt, have the quilt right side up, wadding in the middle and then the backing fabric right side facing out, I used a piece of black linen for the back of my quilt so it didn’t have a right side or a wrong side.

to blog 263I used safety pins to hold it all together so that I could do the quilting, I am still learning how to quilt so I just did straight lines along all the seams so that all the squares went nice and puffy. Also I started in the middle as last time I did this I started at the edges and met in the middle and it did not work well at all! This is how it looked from the back (a little bit wobbly!) It looks a bit grey but that was just the flash on my camera.

to blog 273Here I am trying to follow the seams in a straight line!

to blog 269When all the quilting was done I used some red bias binding around the edge to neaten it all off.

to blog 274I am really pleased with the way it turned out, think I might be getting addicted to quilting, these charm packs are so easy to use, and my last attempt at quilting with a jelly roll was quite successful too so I might try one of the new Moda candy packs for my next  Monday make. They were featured in my last post and if you spend over £30 on the website you can get a free copy of the project book that I am going to use.

moda-candy-mini-charms-bookThanks for reading, happy sewing!

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