The last of Me Made May!

Me made May 2016 is over and wasn’t it fun! I am exhausted by my whirlwind World tour, and happy that I got the opportunity to show off my me made wardrobe again, I still have a lot of firm favourites in my wardrobe, but I always have a long list of what I want to make next!

So we got to day 23

So today I was at The Blue Mosque in Istanbul wearing my Liberty jersey Camas blouse by Thread Theory patterns with rtw jeans.

Day 24

With the continuing lovely weather I am wearing my Nantucket shorts and Aurora vest both patterns are from Colette Seamwork magazine. And did anyone guess where I was today? It’s The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St Petersburg Russia.

Day 25

Today I journeyed up North to Clydesdale, Glasgow with a big crane and the Armadillo in the background, wearing my Liberty Oakridge blouse, a  Sewaholic  pattern.

Day 26

Another gorgeous day and isn’t it beautiful where I am! It’s Hirosaki Castle in Japan! I am wearing another Aurora vest and a Hemmingway fabric panel skirt.

Day 27

With all the tourists today at another castle,this one is Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany wearing my Liberty Jersey Renfrew top another great Sewaholic pattern.

Day 28

This is Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world! It’s giving me vertigo just looking at it! Today I was wearing another Sewaholic Renfrew top with an Amy Butler Barcelona skirt.

Day 29

Even with my hand in front of its face I am clearly standing in front of the Sphinx in Egypt so no excuses for not guessing where I was today! And whoops that’s the same t-shirt that I had on yesterday! And another Amy Butler Barcelona skirt.

Day 30

How lovely, 3 of me in Monument Valley USA, wearing my favourite skirt of the month, my denim Grainline Moss skirt with another Renfrew top.

Day 31

Well it’s all over for another year and I guess I am going to be in Egypt again today, still wearing my Grainline Moss skirt with my Regents Lawn Sewaholic Belcarra blouse.

I always love taking part in Me Made May and I hope you have all enjoyed my whirlwind World tour.

Week 3 Me Made May (and some answers!)

Almost half way through #memademay2016 and I am beginning to repeat some of my outfits, this is because I always love my most recent makes the best! I have an extensive me made wardrobe but I have to admit that I prefer to wear my most recent makes, although I have got a few favourites that get pulled out every now and again and I never throw anything away.

Day 16 

I am in Venice! Wearing my Grainline Moss skirt with a Colette Seamworks magazine Aurora vest.

Day 17

I’m at the Taj Mahal! I made this top in the morning, it’s a Sewaholic Renfrew in Liberty jersey, one of my favourite tops to make, using an overlocker I can usually whip one of these up in about 1 hour! Teamed up with a Colette Beignet skirt.

Day 18

Brooklyn bridge today with someone admiring my Gather patterns Mortmain dress. 

Day 19

In an Ice cave in Iceland today! Wearing a Colette Jasmine blouse with my Closet case Ginger jeans. 

Day 20

At the French Quarter in New Orleans and look it’s that Renfrew top again and my Ginger jeans, I love this combination!

Day 21

This is a bit closer to home! We had a craft event at Cardiff City football stadium so I sneaked onto the terraces and had a pic taken wearing my Gather Mortmain dress again and because it was a bit chilly a piece of fabric as a scarf!

Day 22

This space ship is actually a building! It is the Contemporary Art Museum, Niterói in Rio de Janeiro, I have actually been here and it is amazing, it sticks out over a cliff top and the views are fab, as is the whole place! I am wearing a drape top from one of the Sewing Bee books, I have made loads of these tops for myself and as presents, they are easy to make and look lovely on, and yes that is my Moss skirt again!

I wonder what exciting places I will visit over the next few days and whether I can prise myself out of my Ginger jeans and Moss skirt?

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Show us your knickers!


We are giving away a huge knicker making bundle to someone who shares with us their knicker making exploits.

During the cold months, wile away some time making a pair of your very own knickers.

All you need to do is post a picture online of your bestest knickers made with a TrixieLixie knicker pattern. Use the hashtag ‪#‎trixielixieknickers‬ so we can find it and we will randomly select a winner on the 1st March 2016.

We will give extra prizes for interesting hacks and general invention

There are lots of knicker kits to choose from, including the new Liberty Art fabric range.

Or you may like one of our Regent Street Lawn Knicker kits

We can’t wait to see some gorgeous lingerie popping up!

TrixieLixie Website


I will make a winter coat this year, I will. Honest. Well maybe….

Every year about this time, I think, ‘right then, lets make a nice warm coat’.

Then I dawdle and procrastinate, think well… maybe next week, and before I know it, it’s Spring and I can get on with making those nice fun summer dresses again.

This year, though, it’s going to be different. It’s definitely going to happen.

Firstly I have to choose who I am making this for. My husband is a good bet, he is forgiving and frankly would wear anything. I’ve got a couple of patterns to choose from, the good solid Colette Albion or the trendy Thread Theory Peacoat. We’ve got this nice soft Polyester Heavy Felt that would be up for the job. Mmmm but what about the lining…..

cp2002-albion-01-large-d676699b101ddfe4b4b60db7ebde0dac Goldstream Peacoat 1

Then again, I quite fancy a girlie version of the Albion too or maybe The Grainline Cascade Duffle Coat. We have some nice Boucle fabric, that would be good for the Colette Anise Jacket, or a Victoria Blazer or one of those nice Morris Blazers from Grainline Patterns.


Some Gabachino Fabric might be perfect for a slightly more lightweight Sewaholic Robson Coat

robson coat 2 Fall+Jordan+Silver

Mind you, I’ve always fancied a Denim version of the Serendipity Jordan Jacket, that would be great for the Spring,

There you go, I’m procrastinating again!

Liberty Jersey Fabric

With all these wild, new Liberty Jersey Fabrics we’ve got in stock at TrixieLixie, it’s sometimes difficult to know what to make with them all.

liberty-jersey2We have made the Sewaholic Davie Dress ourselves and we know others who are ardent fans of Cake Patterns knit dress range.

knits-1Best-selling Colette do three dress patterns, [Myrtle, Moneta, and Wren] and a skirt pattern [Mabel] that have been designed specifically for jersey and after trying them all we can say they are straightforward and great fun, with a size range that will accommodate everyone.



Me made May 2015 part 3

just a quick catch up on my #memademay2015 outfits!

On day 11 I had a coffee with Demis Roussos wearing one of my favourite By Hand London Anna dresses in some gorgeous Riley Blake Vintage Happy fabric.

Being serenaded in the street by Neil Sedaka in a red Jersey Cake Cabarita top and an Amy Butler Barcelona A-line skirt in Moda Honky-Tonk fabric.

With the absolutely gorgeous Starsky!! Love that cardi! Wearing my Gather Mortmain dress in Moda Simply Style fabric.

This is an actual selfie with Neville Staples who plays with The Specials, I love a bit of Ska! You can just about see that I am wearing my black Anna dress, a staple wardrobe item for me!

I also love a bit of Punk, here I am supporting the sex pistols on my ukulele! Wearing my Sewaholic Thurlow trousers and Sewaholic Granville shirt in Moda Regent Street Lawn luscious fabric.

It was a beautiful day today so I wore my new drape top, the pattern for this is in The Sewing Bee book, I am also wearing my Denim skirt a must have wardrobe item! Catching some rays on Bognor beach with The Hoff!

Lassie came home! Wearing my denim skirt again with a Sewaholic Renfrew top in stripey Jersey.

Another real life famous person! It’s Stuart Hiliard of British Sewing Bee fame! Embarrassingly I am wearing my denim skirt for the third day in a row! It is just so easy to wear! My top is a Grainline Scout Tee in Moda Regent Street lawn. The pattern for my denim skirt is from the Sew Serendipity book, however the Grainline Studio Moll skirt patterns have just arrived and I know I am going to make a denim version ASAP. 

I seem to have a thing about TV cops, here I am with Ponch from CHiPs does anyone else remember him? Wearing a teapot skirt, with another Sewaholic Renfrew top.

Loving Marvin’s shiny suit! Another Amy Butler Barcelonia skirt and another Sewaholic Renfrew top, these are 2 of my favourite go to patterns! Skirt fabric is from the Field study range by Anna Maria Horner for Freespirit fabrics. 


Me made May, my week.

What a hectic week I have had, I love Me made May, it’s such a thrilling & exciting month!

To kick it all off I met up with Bruce Lee for a G&T wearing a panel skirt from the Sew Serendipity book made up in Gutermann French Cottage fabric and Sewaholic Renfrew top in Purple Jersey.


Well that was Monday, so on Tuesday I met up with my mates from The Clash and we really rocked the Kasbah! I was wearing another Sew Serendipity skirt, this time in Denim with another Sewaholic Renfrew in stripey Jersey.


This skirt has Surfing Kitty secret pockets!

On Wednesday I had a Jammin’ session with Jimi!

Wearing my Sewaholic Davies dress in Rose Garden Jersey.

I was really getting into the groove so I met up with Tammy for a bit of country style dressing!

This was a Colette pattern kind of day in my Gingham Jasmine blouse and Denim Beignet skirt (look at those anchor buttons!) 

By Friday I wanted nothing better than to chill out with Mr Gatsby AKA Robert Redford!

Wearing my Grainline Scout Tee in some gorgeous Regent Street Lawn and a Colette Moneta skirt in Grey Jersey.

By Saturday I was ready for another game of Ping pong, this time with my mate Bob, I don’t think I am helping his game much! 

It’s about time I wore an Anna! It is my favourite dress pattern, this one is made using some of the gorgeous Hemmingway fabric. So sad to hear that By Hand London are no longer going to be making paper patterns, I had better make several copies of this one!

Today I am wearing another Anna as I teach Bjorn how to play the crowd at the end of his tennis matches.

And it wouldn’t be Me made May if I didn’t show you my knickers!

you will just have to believe me when I say that I am wearing Me Made knickers every day because I am not about to start taking photos of me in them!

I hope you are all enjoying Me made May as much as I am xxx

Me Made May


Before I forget, here is my pledge for Me-Made-May 2015

 ‘I, Tracy Lucas of Trixie Lixies Blog sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear a Me-Made outfit each day for the duration of May 2015’ and to share my adventures on my blog, you can also see me on Instagram @beingtrixielixie and our Facebook page Trixie Lixie Says.

happy sewing!

2 Davies and a Moneta

I have been so busy sewing that I haven’t found the time to blog about any of it, so here is the first of a couple of catch up posts. Last month it was my Mum’s birthday and it was Mother’s Day in the UK so I made my lovely Mother a couple of dresses. The first one is my current favourite pattern the Sewaholic Davie Dress, I used some of our speckled Jersey fabric.

I didn’t do the keyhole opening and I also added some binding to the neckline rather than just hemming it.

The second dress that I made for my Mum is a Colette Moneta another easy to make jersey dress. I used some Modern Flowers  Jersey for this one and I added a collar.

The third dress that I made last month was for me! It was another Sewaholic Davie dress, this one with Rose garden Jersey.


Happy sewing ✂️✂️

Comox trunks/pyjama’s

Here are a couple of my “Man Makes” from 2014 for Mr TL. My first attempt at the Thread Theory Comox trunks was a bit confusing, I used the sew along that is on their blog and yet I still made a couple of mistakes. My second pair were so much easier! I think it was because I used a patterned Jersey fabric that had a clear right side and wrong side so it all fell into place without a hitch!


So after successfully completing the second pair ( jungle January flavour zebra print!) I decided to do some pyjama bottoms for Mr TL using the Comox as inspiration. They turned out quite well and Mr TL says they are extremely comfortable, however he was not prepared to be photographed in any of his new garments!!

As he wouldn’t oblige I shall have to use the photo of the Thread Theory boys in their Comox trunks instead!


I have promised to do a few more “Man Makes” this year, the next request being a Colette Negroni shirt in the new Ninja dragons fabric that we have in stock, I will keep you posted! Are you making anything for your significant other this year? Please let me know if you have any plans.