Summer bag making

When I first started sewing I made a lot of bags, so many that I vowed never to go there again! However I have just discovered these fantastic ready to use leather and leather look bag handles! The first bag I made using them was a bithday present for a friend, I used Amy Butler fabric and just improvised a box shape bag with plenty of pockets as she was about to go on holiday and I thought it would be great for the beach.


This inspired me to make a couple more, one for myself and one for my sister in law for her birthday (which was in May!)


I had seen some bags with a band of contrasting colour and a pleat at the top in a magazine, so I improvised again and this is what I came up with. The one at the front is mine and is made from Vintage by Hemmingway fabric and has black leather handles, slightly different to the first ones I used and a bit trickier to sew on.


For my Sister in Laws bag I used a Moda fabric called Simply Style, also she is a vegan so the handle on her bag is not leather. By the way if you see my Sister in Law don’t tell her about the bag because I haven’t seen her yet to give it to her!


I have been a bit lazy with my blog posts recently, its not because I haven’t been making anything, I have in fact got lots to post about I have just been too busy sewing and watching the sewing Bee!



Quick Tote bag, make it for Mothers day

This is a quick and easy to make tote bag with a gusset so that it will stand up, I have used an oilcloth fabric from Trixie Lixie

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I didn’t bother to line this bag as the oilcloth fabric is nice and thick, I cut out 2 rectangles for the front and the back and 2 long strips for the handles;

ToteNext I joined the front to the back, right sides together along each side and the bottom;

toteTo make the gusset turn the bottom corner in and sew across it;

toteThen trim away the excess, do this on both bottom corners;

toteTo make the straps I just folded them over and seamed them as its much easier if you are using oilcloth fabric than making tubes and turning them the right way around!

toteThe final step is to neaten the top of the bag and attach the straps;

toteOilcloth fabric is easy to neaten as it doesn’t fray so you only need to fold it over once.

toteWhen I attached the handles I stitched a box and a cross to hold them securely in place.

to blog 038The gusset on the bottom means that the bag will stand up, great for shopping!

toteThe funky oilcloth fabric is called Field study and is a Freespirit fabric, you can buy it here.

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