Tea Cosy Tutorial

We have just added some lovely ribbons to the website, I love using ribbons and trimmings so I decided to use them to decorate a Tea Cosy, this will make an excellent Christmas present for one of my friends.

Ribbons & TrimmingsTea cosy tutorialI used the pack of Party Ribbons, they are very retro looking and will give the Tea Cosy a vintage look. I made a pattern on a piece of paper, a half circle to fit my 4 cup tea-pot, I chose a blue spotty fabric for the main piece and a pink spotty fabric for the lining, the wadding is quite thick (6 oz) I used a skinny quarter of each of the fabrics and the wadding.

Tea cosy You need 2 pieces of each, main fabric, lining and wadding, all the same size, except for the lining which I cut out slightly longer.

Tea cosy First of all, go mad with the trimmings and decorate the front and back of the main peices.

Then attach the wadding, a piece to both the front and back, I used safety pins to hold this together and thenzig-zag stitch it in place.Tea cosy

Then I pinned the front and back right sides together, I put a loop of ribbon at the top so that I can hang my tea cosy up when I am not using it.Tea cosy Sew this together, it’s good to use a walking foot if you have one as this is quite thick, it’s not a disaster if you haven’t got one (I haven’t!) just take it slowly. Trim the seam after you’ve done it to remove any bulky wadding. Turn it round the right way.

Tea cosy Pin the lining pieces right sides together, machine stitch around the curved edge leaving the straight edge open.

Tea cosy Slip the lining inside the main piece, it should be longer so that you can fold the edge up twice to neaten the bottom, machine sew in place, this adds another decorative stripe to the bottom of the tea cosy.

Tea cosyThats it, pop it on your tea pot and admire your handiwork, I’m not sure I want to give mine away now, it looks great on my tea pot!

Tea cosy Tea cosy Happy Sewing!

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Lots of cushions & a give-away

I have been busy making cushions for my sisters new house, I used all the different colours in the Moda Simply Colour leafy stripe fabric

Leafy stripe cushionsI used the envelope cushion cover technique so no zips, see the tutorial hereblog 004 Leafy stripe cushions

Leafy stripe cushionsThere are six colours in the range dark blue, turquoise blue, purple, green, gold and grey. To celebrate the arrival of spring in the UK (finally!) I am going to give-away a set of 6 fat quarters from this range

Leafy stripe fabric 004 Leafy stripe fabric 002 Leafy stripe fabric 001

This give-away is open to all readers I can post it worldwide, to be in with a chance of winning just leave me a comment telling me what you think you would use the fabric for. For further chances of winning like my facebook page &  follow me on twitter

Fabric covered notebooks

Well Christmas is almost here and I wanted a nice easy Monday make as I have lots of other handmade Christmas presents on the go, Chilli jam, pyjama’s, more knickers etc. So there is no sewing involved with today’s make, only sticking. All the fabric is available at Trixie Lixie it’s from the Oh Deer! range by Moda. And the trimming is from our Bias binding selection.

to blog 226

You will also need some double sided sticky tape.

First of all I drew around the book and then added a 3cm border before cutting out the fabric.

to blog 229 to blog 228Next I put double sided sticky tape around the outside edge’s of the notebook

to blog 231With the notebook closed stick the fabric to the front of the book, at each side of the spine, top and bottom, snip the fabric then stick the fabric to the back of the book

to blog 220Open the book and put double sided sticky tape on the inside cover, mitre the edges by cutting the corner’s off then fold fabric inside the book and secure.

to blog 235 to blog 234 to blog 233Do the same to the back and then snip off the excess fabric at the top and bottom of the spine. I decorated mine by adding a strip of bias binding using the double sided tape, I also added a little envelope to the front of the small one for keeping things in.

to blog 223to blog 224to blog 227This week I am going to be doing a give-away, all you have to do to win one of these notebooks is leave me a comment, and then follow this link to Trixie Lixie and sign up for our monthly newsletter (we promise not to bombard you with emails). The winner will be chosen by random on 22nd December.



Quilted pocket purse

Well, its only 4 weeks to Christmas and I still need a few more presents for my family and friends! This week for my Monday make I am making a quilted pocket purse. It was so quick and easy that I might make another one for someone else.

First of all I cut out 1 large piece of flowery fabric for the main body (I used this lovely fabric called Field Study form Trixie Lixie) This piece is 40cm x 30cm. Also in the main fabric I cut out a flap which is 30cm wide and has a curve 10cm at its widest. Also cut these 2 pieces out in wadding or batting for the quilting.

For the lining I cut another flap the same size as above and then 2 pieces 30cm x 20cm.

I marked the quilting lines on the main bag and flap fabric using a ruler to create diamond shapes.

Next I pinned the wadding to the wrong side of the flap and attached it by quilting along the lines, I then did the same for the main body.

Next I tacked the ric-rac to the right side of the edge of the flap

Then pin and sew the flap lining to the flap right sides together, trim and turn right way around.

With right sides facing sew the flap to the top of the main body

Fold the bag in half length-ways with right sides together, tuck in the flap and sew up the side seams.

Stitch the 2 lining pieces together along the side seams, turn the right way around and then slip inside the bag so that the right sides are together.

Sew all around this top edge, trim and then turn the bag the right way around

Pin and sew the bottom of the lining closed.

Push the lining in and all you need to do now is sew on a popper fastener, I decorated the flap with a button as well. Thats another Christmas present finished!

Christmas stocking

Today’s Monday make is a more festive idea, a Christmas stocking, this one is for my gorgeous nephew’s first Xmas

I used the really popular Cherry Tiny Deer fabric from the Moda range at Trixie Lixie which is selling super fast at the moment. I lined it with some of our new red cotton lawn and decorated the top with red Pompom

Firstlyl I drew a stocking template which I then used to cut out 2 main fabric pieces, 2 lining fabric pieces and 2 pieces of wadding (batting)

I cut the lining 10cm longer so that I could turn it over to finish the top.

Place the 2 main pieces right sides together and then add a piece of wadding to each side pin and sew these together

I used my excellent new Fiskar pinking shears to cut all my fabric pieces out so that I wouldn’t need to neaten any seams

Next trim the seams around the curves then I turn the main piece the right way around. Then pin and sew up the lining when that is done place it inside the main body and turn over the top to neaten. at this point I decided to add some red pom pom and a piece of red velvet ribbon to hang it up with.

All it needs now is for Santa to fill it with goodies!

Nice Knickers – Monday Makes

I am a bit obsessed at the moment with making knickers, ever since I realised how easy they are to make!

It only takes a fat quarter of fabric and less than a meter of knicker elastic. First of all you need to make a pattern, I used an old pair of knickers that I took apart, I have included some measurements on my pattern pieces so that you can work out a pattern for yourself.The back for a medium size pair of knickers D – C (across the top) is 60cm F – E (Top to bottom) is 24cm

The front C – D (across the top) is 50cm G – E (top to bottom) is 30cm E (at the crotch) is 9cm

You need to place the pattern pieces at an angle across the fabric (against the gradient) so that it is slightly stretchy, any medium weight cotton fabric will be good, or even silk!

You will also need a gusset piece, for this a piece of t-shirt fabric is good.

Place right sides facing with edges E together and place gusset with a slight overlap, sew across

then fold the overlap under and sew across again

Pin the other end of the gusset in place but do not sew, using a zig zag stitch machine all the way around the edges of the knickers,

Sewing the elastic on is a little bit tricky, you have to pull it towards you as you sew to give it tension. The elastic is sewn on with a zig zag stitch (use the same colour thread as the elastic for a neater finish) it is sewn on to the right side of the fabric with the frill at the top sitting slightly over the edge. As you pull the elastic help the fabric to feed by holding it at the back of the machine.

Do the top and bottom edges, then do the leg edges. When that is done place the sides together and stitch.

I added a little bow at the front to finish off

And here is another couple of pair’s that I made this time I made the bows using a piece of ribbon

Mini Apron Monday makes.

Hello, this week I have made a mini apron, another quick and easy sewing project that will make a fab Xmas present for somebody (one of my sisters perhaps)

For this project I used 1/2 a metre of Kaffe Fassett Roman Glass fabric in Leafy and 165cm of Green polka dot bias binding all available from Trixie Lixie

For the main piece I cut out a rectangle 60cm x 30cm, the pocket piece is a rectangle 60cm x 20 cm and the ties are 3 strips 60cm x 10cm. I used my fantastic new Fiskar pinking shears to cut out the fabric so that I wouldn’t need to neaten any of the edges. I also curved the bottom 2 corners of the main piece and pocket piece.

The first thing to do is to attach some of the bias binding to the top of the pocket piece.

Next I marked the pocket divisions on the pocket by ruling a line 15cm in from each edge then attach the pocket to the main piece along these lines. The next step is to attach the rest of the bias binding to the sides and bottom of the pinny.

Once you’ve done this we can start on the straps, join the short ends of the 3 ties to make one long strip, iron the seams open. Fold it in half lengthways and unfold. Now fold both long edges to the centre crease and press in place. Open out the centre fold and pin the strap to the apron.

Turn the upper half of the strip over the top edge of the apron and pin in place. Top stitch all the way along the bottom edge, round the edges and then along the top of the strap.

That it! Wrap it up and give to someone for Christmas!