Elisalex Dress sewalong

I have started my Elisalex dress, I am using this lovely chocolate and cream flowery linen which is £10 a metre at TrixieLixie

Chocolate cream linenHere is a picture next to the pattern so you can see how big the leaves and flowers are on this fabric

Elisalex dress

I have traced the pattern and cut out my fabric, I am itching to start sewing but I will be patient and wait for the By Hand sewalong as I don’t want to make any mistakes.

Elisalex & Fiskar pinking shearsI used my favourite Fiskar pinking shears to cut out my fabric, it means less work neatening my seams!



Charlotte skirt sewalong – fitting the lining

I have managed to follow part 4 of the Charlotte Skirt sewalong and fitted my lining.

Charlotte skirt lining I just need to blind stitch the opening at the centre back of the lining to the zipper.

I am still working on my idea for a detachable peplum and will post some pic’s of how I have done it in the next few days.


Quilted pocket purse

Well, its only 4 weeks to Christmas and I still need a few more presents for my family and friends! This week for my Monday make I am making a quilted pocket purse. It was so quick and easy that I might make another one for someone else.

First of all I cut out 1 large piece of flowery fabric for the main body (I used this lovely fabric called Field Study form Trixie Lixie) This piece is 40cm x 30cm. Also in the main fabric I cut out a flap which is 30cm wide and has a curve 10cm at its widest. Also cut these 2 pieces out in wadding or batting for the quilting.

For the lining I cut another flap the same size as above and then 2 pieces 30cm x 20cm.

I marked the quilting lines on the main bag and flap fabric using a ruler to create diamond shapes.

Next I pinned the wadding to the wrong side of the flap and attached it by quilting along the lines, I then did the same for the main body.

Next I tacked the ric-rac to the right side of the edge of the flap

Then pin and sew the flap lining to the flap right sides together, trim and turn right way around.

With right sides facing sew the flap to the top of the main body

Fold the bag in half length-ways with right sides together, tuck in the flap and sew up the side seams.

Stitch the 2 lining pieces together along the side seams, turn the right way around and then slip inside the bag so that the right sides are together.

Sew all around this top edge, trim and then turn the bag the right way around

Pin and sew the bottom of the lining closed.

Push the lining in and all you need to do now is sew on a popper fastener, I decorated the flap with a button as well. Thats another Christmas present finished!

Christmas stocking

Today’s Monday make is a more festive idea, a Christmas stocking, this one is for my gorgeous nephew’s first Xmas

I used the really popular Cherry Tiny Deer fabric from the Moda range at Trixie Lixie which is selling super fast at the moment. I lined it with some of our new red cotton lawn and decorated the top with red Pompom

Firstlyl I drew a stocking template which I then used to cut out 2 main fabric pieces, 2 lining fabric pieces and 2 pieces of wadding (batting)

I cut the lining 10cm longer so that I could turn it over to finish the top.

Place the 2 main pieces right sides together and then add a piece of wadding to each side pin and sew these together

I used my excellent new Fiskar pinking shears to cut all my fabric pieces out so that I wouldn’t need to neaten any seams

Next trim the seams around the curves then I turn the main piece the right way around. Then pin and sew up the lining when that is done place it inside the main body and turn over the top to neaten. at this point I decided to add some red pom pom and a piece of red velvet ribbon to hang it up with.

All it needs now is for Santa to fill it with goodies!

Mini Apron Monday makes.

Hello, this week I have made a mini apron, another quick and easy sewing project that will make a fab Xmas present for somebody (one of my sisters perhaps)

For this project I used 1/2 a metre of Kaffe Fassett Roman Glass fabric in Leafy and 165cm of Green polka dot bias binding all available from Trixie Lixie

For the main piece I cut out a rectangle 60cm x 30cm, the pocket piece is a rectangle 60cm x 20 cm and the ties are 3 strips 60cm x 10cm. I used my fantastic new Fiskar pinking shears to cut out the fabric so that I wouldn’t need to neaten any of the edges. I also curved the bottom 2 corners of the main piece and pocket piece.

The first thing to do is to attach some of the bias binding to the top of the pocket piece.

Next I marked the pocket divisions on the pocket by ruling a line 15cm in from each edge then attach the pocket to the main piece along these lines. The next step is to attach the rest of the bias binding to the sides and bottom of the pinny.

Once you’ve done this we can start on the straps, join the short ends of the 3 ties to make one long strip, iron the seams open. Fold it in half lengthways and unfold. Now fold both long edges to the centre crease and press in place. Open out the centre fold and pin the strap to the apron.

Turn the upper half of the strip over the top edge of the apron and pin in place. Top stitch all the way along the bottom edge, round the edges and then along the top of the strap.

That it! Wrap it up and give to someone for Christmas!

Christmas Bunting

Hello, It’s Monday again, already! For this weeks #mondaymakes I have made some festive bunting. I have used fabric from the Moda Oh Deer! range available from Trixie Lixie

First of all I made a triangle template and cut out my flag shapes, I used 6 different colours, Spots and Little Deer

I used my new pair of Fiskars pinking shears to cut out the triangles so that they won’t fray. Up until now I have been using an ancient pair of pinking shears that belonged to my Grandmother. These new Fiskar ones are so sharp! My old ones, although they are lovely to look at are hopeless to cut with!

Next place right sides together and sew up the sides leaving the top open.

Do this to all the triangles and then turn them the right way around, trim the tip to get a nice point, I used a large knitting needle to push the point of the triangle out.

Iron all the triangles, then pin onto some bias binding to hang them from, I used some gorgeous red spotty bias binding from Trixie Lixie

Fold the bias binding in half to give a neat edge, I used a piece of bunting to measure the space between each flag and I made 12 flags, alternating colours and designs.

I am going to use this bunting to decorate my stall at a charity clothes swap event that I am doing in Cardiff next weekend. Check out my Facebook page to find out more about this event. trixielixiesays


The Cutting Edge

We have just had in a range of Fiskar scissors, I think these scissors are te best for dress-making and sewing. My favorites are the pinking shears, I use these a lot for neatening edges and they are particularly good for bunting. The old pair that I have got are so worn out I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair of these Fiskar ones!