Simply Style, gorgeous new fabric from Moda

We have just taken delivery of this lovely new range of fabric from Moda, its perfect for quilting and dress making, in fact watch this space I think another shift dress is in the pipeline.

bold-blossom-grey-simply-style-fabric-[4]-1342-pbold-blossom-pink-simply-style-fabric-[2]-1343-p bold-blossom-light-green-simply-style-fabric-[2]-1344-p bold-blossom-grey-simply-style-fabric-[3]-1342-p bold-blossom-dark-blue-simply-style-fabric-[3]-1345-p bold-blossom-dark-blue-simply-style-fabric-[2]-1345-pzig-zag-ombre-dark-blue-simply-style-fabric-[3]-1369-p zig-zag-ombre-dark-blue-simply-style-fabric-[4]-1369-pbold-blossom-dark-blue-simply-style-fabric-[5]-1345-pModa are a great fabric company to deal with, they have fabulous ranges and also you can get free patterns from their terrific blog at the Moda Bakeshop.

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