2019 aims, goals, objectives.

I have not got a great record for sticking to my New Years Resolutions and I often make plans for sewing projects that fall by the wayside so I have stopped writing lists of what I am going to make, instead I have decided to do 3 things this year that I think are achievable so that I won’t be too disappointed at the end of the year when I look back at what I have done.

Firstly I am going to ‘shop’ my wardrobe, rather than rush to make or buy something to wear all the time I am going to revisit the huge number of (mostly) me-made garments that are already in my wardrobe!

As you can see the rail is straining under the weight of all my clothes!

There are also my Ginger jeans, Boyfriend jeans, numerous tops, blouses and shirts, I cannot stress enough how full my wardrobe is!

My second goal is to finish my ‘works in progress’ (WIPS) I have numerous piles of WIPS in various degrees of ‘progress’, this could be garments that I have washed and prepared the fabric for, possibly even cut out ready to start, or way more often, started but not finished! it would be too embarrassing to show you them all, these are just the ones that I have cut out but not actually started yet!

Has anyone else got this many?

Finally I have decided to try and work my way through my stash rather than buy new fabric for every project – how many other people have got this as a goal for 2019? If I can reduce my pile of boxes to 3 I think that will be a great achievement!

Five boxes in my sewing room alone!

Well there we have it, my aims for 2019, it shouldn’t be too difficult should it?

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